The payment solution for unified commerce.

The success of an omni-channel strategy lies in the provision of a perfectly unified customer experience. By creating innovative customer pathways that suit your identity, you will generate strong customer commitment.
We consider payments as a feature that fits into and adapts to your strategy, as a genuine cornerstone of the customer relationship.

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

A perfect omni-channel pathway offers an experience which combines the best of e-commerce, efficiency and immediacy, and the best of what physical stores can provide, welcome, acknowledgement, personalisation.

The best of the purchasing experience

To offer a seamless purchasing experience, creating a familiar environment is essential: offer payment methods that suit the purchase situation. We provide you with a range of payment methods which enable you to cover all markets and your customers’ needs. You can rely on our experts to assist you with the implementation of the most appropriate payment methods, according to cultural habits, amounts, payment types, etc.

To satisfy your customers who are looking for efficiency, offer instant omni-channel enrolment, connect loyalty points to their payment card, whether they are making purchases in-store or on-line. Get rid of quiet times for good through automatic checkouts, nomadic payments, mobile payments, (via our tap-on-phone, PIN on COTS solutions), and self-care tools to eliminate waiting times: scan&go, wallet, etc. Monext offers solutions to make payments at the right moment of the check-out process, it’s as easy as one-click. Whether it’s a single action or invisible, payment is no longer an obstacle.

The best of customer service 

Delivery is a key element of the customer relationship and customer service. Your customers want to retain control of their delivery choices. Monext adapts payments: charging upon order confirmation, upon shipment or upon collection (even when several items are shipped at different times). Regardless of the purchase situation. 

Refunds are also crucial in the customer relationship. Our solutions bring about the same experience regardless of the sales channel or payment method used: an automatic, seamless and reconciled refund.

The conditions for impulse purchases

By creating the conditions for impulse purchases, you will consolidate your unified commerce project’s performance. Monext aligns payments on the strategies you roll out:

  • E-booking : payment in advance, upon collection, deposit, etc. 
  • Additional purchase : through our solutions, your customers can make additional purchases without having to get their cards out. 
  • Try and buy : the debit is aligned to the trial period. 
  • One click
  • Paiement in instalments, pay later : to enable your customers to give into temptation now and pay later!

Steer. Reconcile.
That’s all.


Manage your activity from a single portal. You can create your own dashboards using many available indicators. Pin your favourites on the homepage, and create a library with the dashboards you use the most. 


Through the Monext portal, you can steer all your transactions centrally: cards, alternative payment methods, cash, cheques, etc. and reconcile payments and refunds with your own keys. 
Monext facilitates all reconciliations: daily cashflow notifications for all payments, daily account extraction file, daily discrepancy report. 

Everything in a single effective and clear management portal.

Dashboard management

Personalized homepage

Transaction details

Transaction details

Export settings

Enjoy in-depth knowledge of your customers.

You may not imagine everything you can know from a card number. From a token or loyalty ID, learn how to find out more about each of your customers: their history, purchasing profile and preferences.

Where are your customers? When do they prefer to make their purchases? How do they like to buy? Are they receptive to your stimuli?

It is not easy to bring about an increasing level of customer commitment in a loyal relationship. We provide you with the right information on location, seasonality, behaviour and conversion from one purchasing style to another.

Our customer knowledge reports are designed to actively enhance your knowledge of your customers.

Because integration must remain quick and easy.

Payment methods


Payment terminals

Because integration must remain quick and easy.

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